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Transforming Your Path


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Each of us was created with a purpose and designed to make a positive impact in the world. We have an inner compass to guide us and a backpack to be filled with items to protect and sustain us. As you walk through life - with all of its ups and downs, beauty and messiness - there may be times when you lose your inner compass or your backpack weighs you down.Transforming Your Path was created for these moments.

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    About Author

    meta dunn

    Meta is a passionate leader in health + wellness, devoted to the transformative power of healing. She is an author, a wellness coach, an international orator, and a dedicated single mother of two young adults. She is also the founder and CEO of WellSpring Of Life International, a wellness company designed to inspire one into action, facilitate inner healing and bring about personal and community transformation.


    She has served around the globe, combining expert knowledge and her own lived experiences with professionalism and authenticity, creating spaces for individual and collective healing and transformation. She believes wellness is a fundamental right and aspires to ensure all people have the resources and wisdom to take control of their health and well-being. Through guided practices and hands-on application, those who enter the journey with meta will uncover those areas in their lives that have been turned upside down and begin to move in a direction that inspires, changes and profoundly alters each person.